Cookie policy

As in many other web sites, the web site “Web Site”) uses a technology known as “cookies” to obtain information about the use of the Web Site.

Please be advised that we can use cookies in your computer provided that you have consented to it, except in the cases in which cookies are needed to surf the Web Site.

To that end, please be informed that the use of the various cookies by our Web Site allows us to distinguish you from other users, to give you a better experience in its use and to identify problems to improve our Web Site.If you consent to it, we shall use cookies that shall allow us to obtain more information about your preferences and to personalise our Web Site to suit your specific interests.


A cookie is a file that is downloaded into your computer for the purpose of storing data that may be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for their downloading.Our system shall use cookies as soon as you visit our Web Site unless you have configured your web browser to disable cookies.

Types of Cookies

The cookies may be differentiated on the bases of three criteria. 1. - The period of time over which they shall remain activated, 2.- Their purpose and 3.- The entity that shall manage them.

  1. Depending on the period of time over which they may remain activated they may be classified as:
    • Session Cookies:
      Session cookies are used to gather and store data for as long as the user is accessing our Web Site.
  2. Depending on their purpose Cookies may be classified as:
    • Technical cookies:
      Are those that allow the user the navigation and usage of the various options or services available at the Web Site such as identifying the session, remembering the elements that make up an order, perform an order purchase process or share contents using social networks.
    • “Analytical” cookies:
      Are those which, together with the server registry files, allow us to become aware of the total number of persons that visit our Web Site and about the more popular site sections.The cookies allow us to gather data that can help us improve the navigation experience and give users a higher level of service. To summarise, this type of cookies help us improve the overall use and user experience of our Web Site.
  3. Depending on the Third party that shall manage the Cookies:
    • Proprietary Cookies:
      Are those that are forwarded to your computer and manage exclusively by us to improve the operation of the Web Site.The data gathered is employed to improve the quality of our services and your experience as a user.
    • Third party Cookies:
      Third party cookies may also be downloaded when interacting with the content of our Web Site. Third party cookies are those that originate from a domain other than our Web Site.We cannot gain access to the data stored in cookies originating from other web sites whenever you access them.
      At our Web Site we use the Google Analytics audience measuring system, which is web analysis tool supplied by Google that allows us to become aware of the manner in which users interact with our Web Site.

List of Cookies used on our Website

Cookie Entity Type Description
.AspNet.Cookies Third party Technical Microsoft Technical cookie
ARRAffinity Third party Technical Azure Web Sites
ASP.NET_SessionId Third party Technical Microsoft Technical cookie
Cookieplantilla Proprietary Technical News list visualization template.Selected by the user.
__RequestVerificationToken Third party Technical Microsoft Technical cookie anti-forgery system
_cmpQcif3pcsupported Third party Technical General Quantast CMP(Consent Management Platform) cookie.Determines whether the visitor has accepted the Cookies consent box
_timeZoneOffset Proprietary Technical User time zone
c_widgets_minzed Proprietary Technical Client home page configuration: list of minimized widgets
c_ords Proprietary Technical Client home page configuration: order widgets
googlepersonalization Third party Analytical Managing Google Tag Manager
helpCookie Proprietary Technical Interactive guide.Modal window visible only in first access
introFirstAccess Proprietary Technical Interactive guide.No repetition of certain steps on all pages.
slideCookier_ListaMosaico Proprietary Technical Slider: Size of photos in mosaic template
slideCookier_Lista_Agenda Proprietary Technical Slider:Size of photos in box template


You must expressly consent to the use of the aforementioned cookies, for the previously described periods and subject to the conditions set out in this policy if you continue surfing our Web Site.

Disabling and blocking Cookies

Most web browsing programs allow its users to become aware of the presence of cookies or to reject them automatically.If they rejected they may then continue using our Web Site but without certain functions(such as, for instance, the start of the session), so that the use of some of its services may be limited and therefore your experience at our Web Site shall be less satisfactory.

When cookies are disabled some of the services available may no longer remain operational. The way in which cookies are disabled is different in each web browsing program, but this is usually done from the Tools and Options menu. You can also check the browser’s Help menu for instructions. Users may at any time select which cookies they wish to operate in this web site.

You can allow, block or delete the cookies already installed in your computer using the options configuration of the browser program installed in your computer:

You can also manage the storage of cookies in your browser program using tools such as the following:

Withdrawing my consent

If you wish at any time withdraw your consent in regard to our Cookies Policy, you must then delete the cookies already stored in your computer using the configuration options of your web browsing program.

Changes in the Cookies Policy

We may update the Cookies Policy of our Web Site at any time on the basis of legal requirements or in order to adapt our policy to the provisions of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and because of this we encourage you to review this policy whenever you access our Web Site so that you are properly informed about the manner and reasons why we use cookies. Our Cookies Policy was last updated on 28th August 2018.


Please write to us at [email protected] should you have any doubts, comments or suggestions about our Cookies Policy.